#100happydays (#50daysdown)

7 weeks ago, I posted this on Instagram.

In the midst of a sad spiral about to happen (see: avoided), I decided to take matters into my own hands. Listening to this song from this incredible show (check it out), with it’s unending celebration of life and passion, inspired something within me. The thing is, being happy every day is a real challenge. Especially for those more cynical people like myself.

So here’s what I think these next 50 days are going to look like.

I predict that about 75% of the posts will be actual happy moments in my day. 15% will be me forgetting to take a picture and posting music or a book or a movie. 10% will be sad days that I will struggle to get through. Those 10% will be invisible to the untrained eye. Why? I think, because I’m learning that my own sadness need not pull everyone down with me. If I’m surrounded by the right people with the right amount of love, they will pull me out of it quickly anyway.

So here’s to another 50 happy days, give or take. I can handle them.

For the record, I’ve also decided the amount of likes on a post means absolutely nothing. For instance, the top two posts tied for the amount of likes are completely unrelated, and reach two completely different audiences amongst my followers

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