The Piano/Vocal Score

This morning, the scores for Elegies: A Song Cycle arrived from Samuel French, and I’m blown away by their customer service. Yes, this post is going to be nothing but gushing about the company.

First of all, our deposit for the material was paid only two days ago, and we have already recieved our materials. That’s Amazon Prime level shipping that I did not expect.

Secondly, they are custom Piano/Vocal scores. Really. They have our production company’s name on them, the dates of our performance, and we can write on them with whatever we want. Not that I could ever write in ink, but a highlighter may be nice for the cast. This is almost unimaginable to me, who has done many a Music Theatre International and Tams-Witmark show. Their materials are often marked up with (supposed to be erased) pencil, bent pages, unreadable materials, etc. Many a Music Director has lamented the errors in MTI scores and scripts, and seldom are they corrected (because they never reprint them!) While some shows for Samuel French are still in bad shape (I’m looking at you, The Wiz), hopefully, they will be fixing them soon.

Third, they’ve been kind, easy to reach, and helpful. They have an online chat function with such a quick response that it stunned me. I would LOVE to see MTI or Tams-Witmark do that.

It seems that Samuel French and Theatrical Rights Worldwide (which I’ve never done a show from) are headed towards the future, while MTI is distinctly lazy, and Tams-Witmark is stuck in the past. I hope they catch up soon.

So thank you, Sam French. You are very much appreciated today.

P.S. Very proud of my title pun.

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