My Backup Plan Sucks

Wanna know why? I don’t have one.

That’s right, you heard me correctly.

Do you need a glass of water? Are you going to faint?

I, Yoni Weiss, 17 years old, entering my thoughts into the World Wide Web one tweet, reblog, and post at a time, do not have a backup plan.

I can say it without even flinching.

I don’t believe in backup plans. They’re stupid. If you have a backup, you’re going to use it.

I’m going to go to school for theatre. I’m going to do theatre as a career. I am going to find a way to continue doing theatre in some capacity until the day I die.

Now, double check that. Did I say I was going to be an actor until the day I die? Or a director? Or producer? No. No, I did not.

I love theatre. I love collaboration. I love the passion and the drive. I crave the rush and the risk.

So, yes, my backup plan sucks.

Everything that doesn’t exist sucks.

Even you, imaginary person. Even you.

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