A Mixtape for Maya

Side A

  1. Overture/Our Song
    • Festival (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 1979
    • Note: Just funky and fun.
  2. Doors
    • Closer Than Ever (Off-Broadway Revival Cast Recording) – 2012
    • Note: This song is so layered and incredible. Also, breathing? Nah.
  3. There Never Was A Baby Like My Baby
    • Elaine Stritch At Liberty (Elaine Stritch) – 2002
    • Note: Just kill me.
  4.  The Ballad of Sweeney Todd
    • Play It Cool (Lea DeLaria) – 2001
    • Note: Big Boo can SING.
  5. It Never Was You
    • Saloon (Dorothy Loudon) – 1991
    • Note: Dotty Loudon slaying.
  6. Bein’ Green
    • Build a Bridge (Audra McDonald) – 2006
    • Note: Sad and happy at the same time?
  7. Guys and Dolls
    • Guys and Dolls (Broadway Cast Recording) – 1976
    • Note: This is the disco/Motown revival. That’s all.
  8. The One I Remember
    • The Fortress of Solitude (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 2015
    • Note: Harmony-gasm.
  9. Song About The Bad Boys And The News
    • I Was Looking at the Ceiling and Then I Saw the Sky (Studio Cast Recording) – 1996
    • Note: HARMONY-GASM.
  10. Stranger In This World
    • Taboo (Original London Cast Recording) – 2003
    • Note: Boy George made a musical. Rosie O’Donnell was involved. It went about as well as you would think, but good song.
  11. Everybody Out to Have a Maid (from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum)
    • Sondheim Sings, Vol. I: 1962-1972
    • Note: Stevie singing at the piano quicker than anybody. Dad is on point here.
  12. Nowadays (from Chicago)
    • And Now I Swing (Chita Rivera) – 2009
    • Note: Need I say anything?
  13. Before the Parade Passes By
    • Hello, Dolly! (Broadway Cast Recording) – 1967
    • Note: Pearl Bailey version. That is all.
  14. Pour Me A Man
    • Miss Gulch Returns! (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 1985
    • Note: This show is hysterical. Look it up.
  15. Live Out Loud (from A Little Princess)
    • If I Sing: The Songwriters Album (Andrew Lippa, Brian Crawley) – 2006
    • Note: I love composers singing their own stuff.
  16. The Oldest Profession
    • The Life (Original Broadway Cast Recording) – 1997
    • Note: LILLIAS.
  17. Now You Know
    • Merrily We Roll Along (Encores! Cast Recording) – 2012
    • Note: Celia Keenan-Bolger, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Stephen Sondheim, George Furth, etc. Merrily is pure gold.
  18. Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In (from Hair)
    • Lullaby Of Broadway (The Broadway Boys) – 2010
    • Note: Cute tenors sing well. Fade out. Curtain.

Side B

  1. Intermission Talk
    • Me and Juliet (Original Broadway Cast Recording) – 1953
    • Note: Rodgers & Hammerstein flop. Great score.
  2. Miss Marmelstein
    • I Can Get It For You Wholesale (Original Broadway Cast Recording) – 1962
    • Note: Baby Babs.
  3. He Plays The Violin
    • 1776 (Original Broadway Cast Recording) – 1969
    • Note: Baby Bets.
  4. The Grass Is Always Greener
    • Woman Of The Year (Original Broadway Cast Recording) – 1981
    • Note: Marilyn Cooper won a Tony for this one song and it is so well deserved.
  5. Rock City (Bonus Track)
    • See Rock City and Other Destinations (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 2012
    • Note: Jeremy Jordan singing over himself being his backup singers? Sure, why not.
  6. Cut You a Piece
    • 35mm: A Musical Exhibition (Original Cast Recording) – 2012
    • Note: This show is heart-wrenching and beautifully written.
  7. Finishing the Hat (from Sunday in the Park with George)
    • Simply Broadway (Brian Stokes Mitchell) – 2012
    • Note: Dad #2.
  8. Fran and Janie
    • Is There Life After High School? (Original Broadway Cast Recording) – 1982
    • Note: Craig Carnelia is a gift and so is this score.
  9. He Loves Me (from She Loves Me)
    • Always (Kelli O’Hara) – 2011
    • Note: Just phenomenal.
  10. Welcome/Mr. Sandman
    • The Marvelous Wonderettes (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 2008
    • Note: Changing keys a cappella? Sure.
  11. Four Jews in a Room Bitching
    • March of the Falsettos (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 1981
    • Note: WILLIAM FINN. JEWS. GAYS. My world.
  12. Almost Like Being in Love (from Brigadoon)/This Can’t Be Love (from The Boys from Syracuse)
    • Judy At Carnegie Hall (Judy Garland) – 1961
    • Note: MAMA.
  13. Wicked Little Town (from Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
    • Showfolk (Rachel Bay Jones) – 2009
    • Note: This album is superb. If she had been nominated for Pippin she would have won.
  14. The Party Goes With You
    • 35mm: A Musical Exhibition (Original Cast Recording) – 2012
    • Note: I cheated and put this show on again. LINDSAY MENDEZ.
  15. Golden Palace
    • Now. Here. This. (Original Cast Recording) – 2012
    • Note: [title of show] team strikes gold again.
  16. I Feel So Much Spring
    • A New Brain (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 1998
    • Note: William Finn catharsis.
  17. One of These Nights
    • Fugitive Songs: A Song Cycle (Original Studio Cast Recording) – 2012
    • Note: Pianos and guitars and pretty voices. Good lyrics too.
  18. Our Song (Reprise)
    • Festival (Original Off-Broadway Cast Recording) – 1979
    • Note: Full circle. Curtain.

Note: Love you.

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