Odes to Friends

Ode to a Friend: Meredith

“Not nearly enough posts on your blog are about me.” — Text Message from Meredith Mackey (Gracie Adler), Thursday, January 7, 2:02 AM

“Write me a love letter on your blog because I’m needy and I like attention.” — Text Message from Meredith Mackey (Gracie Adler), Thursday, January 7, 2:03 AM

“Do you think I could grow up to be the arts admin version of Amy Poehler?” — Text Message from Meredith Mackey (Gracie Adler), Thursday, January 7, 2:03 AM

“You should go to sleep.” — Text Message from Meredith Mackey (Gracie Adler), Thursday, January 7, 2:04 AM

The details are fuzzy to me, but I have a bad memory. Meredith Robyn Mackey could tell you because she has what is essentially a photographic memory and she retains everything.

We met at Roeper Summer Stock Theatre Camp, which consumed my life for a few summers (always grateful for the stories it has provided). We celebrate our Friend-a-Versary, which I can never spell correctly. She put her stuff in the cubby I had used for first session (she only came second) and I called her out on it. Somewhere along the lines of this conversation, I said “May Barbra Be With You,” clearly under the impression that I had to prove that I was, in fact, a homosexual.

We had matching friendship bracelets that we got for our 1st Friend-a-Versary but mine broke one day as it lay on my counter while I was taking a shower. We have vowed to replace them every year but still haven’t gotten around to it. She still has hers. We played Ronette and Mr. Mushnik in Little Shop of Horrors. We played Emmett Forrest and Paulette Bonafonté in Legally Blonde the Musical. We played Tracy Turnblad and Fender in Hairspray. We have sung countless duets with each other. I’m sure she will Stage Manage a show I direct, and vice-versa.

Meredith and I have spent hours on the phone, on FaceTime, Skype, Oovoo, and iChat. We have stayed up until the early morning talking about life and our fears, swapping stories about heartbreaks and dream roles. Meredith was there for me when I had my first heartbreak, I was there for hers. We have too many inside jokes and ridiculous stories to list. We call each other “Will Truman” and “Gracie Adler” because we ARE Will & Grace. We have sleepovers to end all sleepovers. We spend New Years together if we can. Our hugs are glorious.

Not only is Meredith a most wonderful friend, she is also a role model. I have yet to meet anyone more focused and organized than her. Her eye for creative opportunity and her motivational skills are unmatched. Her ability to face a crisis head-on is admirable. Her soul is filled with more love and understanding than she knows what to do with. Meredith has taught me so much about forgiveness, dedication, patience, hard work, and love.

Meredith (Maraca, Gracie Adler, Ronnie, etc.) is my best friend. Forever. Always.

I love her.

Happy birthday, love.

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