Odes to Friends

Ode to a Friend: Julia

“Stop playing with your hair” — Text Message from Julia Steenstra, Wednesday, May 18, 11:03 AM

Where to begin?

Julia Elizabeth Steenstra: Reigning queen of… well, everything.

Julia has bailed me out in every aspect of life. She kept me sane and calm during the craziness of Elegies: A Song CycleDog Sees God, and Mass Cycle: A Meditation on Cancer. She did assistant lighting design for Rent (while directing and performing in The Laramie Project: Ten Years Later) and designed lights for the Interlochen One-Act Festival, including my production of Controlling Interest (while she directed her OWN one-act, The Cowboy). She has done lighting design for shows in under two hours. TWO. HOURS. Her resume shows her dedication to all of her various crafts. Julia kept us alive during our interlocheNYC trip. She and I have never finished watching Singin’ in the Rain. She has pushed me to try hard, and to try again when I fail miserably. She has always been there for me, for everyone she knows and loves, and is the purest soul I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Julia’s eyes tell stories, and her small squint when examining behavior can signal anything. She sees and remembers, and as far as I’m concerned, understands more about friendship than most anyone. Julia started crying about our graduation in December. That’s f***ing dedication to her friends.

There aren’t words to articulate the brilliance of her. She transcends. She is thoughtful (she gives the BEST gifts, always personalized and straight from the heart), meticulous, courageous, crafty, intelligent, impulsive, outspoken, reliable, resourceful, and just plain nice.

She is inspiration. She is light. She is home.

Happy birthday, my dear Julia.

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