Pressure to Write

I’m putting myself under self-prescribed pressure to write more.


  • Worked six weeks up at Interlochen as a stage manager.
  • Ordered a new laptop (desperately needed).
  • Got my license, much to my mother’s delight.
  • In the midst of a three-day binge of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix.
    • This is why I am up at 7:14am. Not waking up. STILL up.
  • Been fixing that pesky “Determining Gapless Playback” bug in iTunes which has effectively f&*^ed up my meticulously organized playlists, etc. It’s fine. I’m coping. I’m breathing.
  • Made adult decisions. Good and bad. Some undecided.
  • Celebrated six months of being in a relationship.
  • Updated the Hall of Fame in Harvey up at Interlochen. Continuing to fix that up and CREATE AMAZING!!!!
  • Left Interlochen. Still very deeply attached. Oops.
  • Read SO MANY GOOD PLAYS! I was on a streak. It was incredible.
  • Hit rock bottom a little bit in terms of the whole “sad” thing. Good friends pulled me out right quick.
  • Figured out the housing stuff for college.
  • Got denied for a credit card because my mom had to sign up for it.
  • Mom spelled my name wrong on said credit card.

Life is going.

Happy one-day-late-anniversary to writing on this blog. If I wrote more, I would have been on time.

Best wishes,


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