If Life Were Only Moments: “I think I like you.”

It’s the feeling when the electricity throughout your body takes control over your reactions. That little jolt of something that you know is childish or an overreaction, but your giddiness overwhelms it.

“I think I like you.”

Right. There. On your iPhone screen. On Snapchat.

How stupid. How marvelously stupid.

So what do you do, right? I mean, after telling your roommate to take off their headphones while they procrastinate on applying to college. You have to tell your roommate, and maybe there was another person in the room? Possibly three or four more. You have to tell them you were a) right and b) freaking out.

Look, it’s past 11:30pm so the internet’s out. The day, the week, the month has been long. You’ve already reached some pretty phenomenal low points. And then, there’s just this innocent, well-meaning, eager conversation that disappears instantaneously when the app is closed. This is a new thing to you. You didn’t even think you liked him all that much, right?

So why do you spend what feels like 10 minutes thinking of the right words to type in response?

You just end up saying “I think I like you too.” You think about texting a “Maybe.” but you don’t because it’s not.

This was dumb. This was all dumb. But you have to write it down. In case you forget or something. Note to you/self: don’t forget the voltage.

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