The Good Parts of 2016

2016 had its ups and downs, and for now, I want to remember the good things.

  • Living with Moya. All of it.
  • Visiting beautiful friends at colleges I didn’t end up attending (oops).
  • Organizing my bookshelf by color with John.
  • Directing Controlling Interest with the best cast I could have ever dreamed of.
  • Seeing the brilliance that is David Montee in The Odd Couple.
  • Telling Robin Ellis she changed my life and so so so meaning it.
  • Being Mark Cohen in RENT.
  • Being Mark Cohen in RENT with my best friends around me.
  • Getting to talk to Anthony Rapp about being Mark Cohen in RENT.
  • Getting to go with Monica to Cabaret and witnessing her experience it for the first time.
  • Spending 7+3 months with my first true love.
  • The Seagull with Ella May as my heartbreaking Nina.
  • The entirety of Elegies: A Song Cycle. Every painstaking moment was so worth it for such a tremendous payoff.
  • Watching winter disappear for the last time at Interlochen.
  • Being lifted from my darkest moments by the most supportive friends I could ever hope for.
  • Finding a wonderful collaborator and friend in Spencer.
  • Choosing to go to a school where I truly belong.
  • Mass Cycle: A Meditation on Cancer. Both times.
  • My senior prom. Or, rather, MORP.
  • Graduating high school.
  • Holding my friends, my life, close to me while sobbing. And knowing that I could never lose them.
  • Seeing my cousin Atara graduate high school.
  • Holding my Bubbie Hammer’s hand for the last time.
  • Going back to Interlochen for a summer.
  • Burgers with Maya.
  • Fixing the Wall of Fame in Harvey.
  • Moving to New York City. And never looking back.
  • Meeting my two stunning and amazing roommates, Max and Tim.
  • Meeting all of my amazing Pace friends.
  • All of my friends who visit me and stay in our dorm.
  • Being 20 feet away from Stephen Joshua Sondheim.
  • Seeing 54 shows!
  • Having a moment of clarity where for the first time, I truly knew I had a reason to be alive, to wake up every morning, and to be grateful every day for the friends I have, the family I’ve been given, and the life that lies ahead of me.
  • Oh, and working on the thing I’m not allowed to talk about that’s being announced January 3.

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